Megan Moves West

After paying our library fines, we stopped at Bottega Louie in downtown #LA.  The desserts all looked mouth-watering, but we decided on some of the beautiful macarons.  The one I’m holding is earl grey, and it was damn good.

Saturday morning, we stopped by the Echo Park Lake to try to do a little paddle boating!  Unfortunately, there are only about 15 boats and 40 people in line on a weekend, so I may try back between 11 and 7 on a week day.

The water lilies look amazing.  It will be a great place to spend an afternoon once we invest in a picnic blanket!

After the park, we stopped at the Echo Park Time Travel Mart.  All of the proceeds go to 826LA, which apparently runs the Robot Supply and Repair shop in Ann Arbor as well!  Who knew?  

Anyways, this is a very special store, filled with many hilarious, although mostly useless items, such as robot milk and dinosaur eggs.  At least the money goes to a good cause!

On Saturday, Lloyd and I went to the #626NightMarket in Arcadia.  Imagine every type of Asian food in one place.  This is it.  Lloyd finally got to try out the long-awaited Kogi truck, which was unfortunately next to the stinky tofu booth…they’re not joking.  The food was good, but the vibe is really what you go for.  It’s only going to be there one more time this summer, so mark your calendars for the end of August!

On Sunday, Lloyd and I went to Venice to watch the Festival of the Chariots.  It involved dancing, chanting, free Indian food, and lots of color.  If you’re in L.A. next year, you should go!

Driving through the Sequoia National Forest.

I enjoyed a morning hike up to the Griffith Observatory.  

Lloyd and I saw Star Trek at the Vista in Los Feliz, which is my new favorite theatre.  It has an Egyptian theme, hilarious vintage advertisements for the concession stand, and best of all: tons of leg room. The ticket-taker also likes to dress for the occasion and was a fairly convincing Spock on Thursday night :).

If you can believe it, this was the sunset during the thunder storm in L.A. last week! #nofilter

If you can believe it, this was the sunset during the thunder storm in L.A. last week! #nofilter

Over the weekend, @UniqueLA sponsored a spring show with vendors from all over America, but focused in L.A.  They had some amazing and creative things there!  Some of Lloyd and my stand-outs were:

Pocket Square Clothing [bottom left] []

UrbanOctopus [bottom center] []

Fleet Collection [bottom right] []

UniqueLA is a very cool company whose mission is to “bring local made design and art to the masses.”  Check out their website for future shows and events:

Last night, I went to a screening and panel for New Girl and got to meet Schmidt :).  Only in L.A.

After our trip to the butcher, Lloyd and I had a “picnic” at the edge of our kitchen.  We pulled the table and chairs up to the open door and enjoyed the last rays of sunshine while we feasted on sausages and hummus.  

This week, Lloyd and I went to Lindy and Grundy, an amazing local and organic butcher on Fairfax.  They source all of their meat locally and practice whole animal butchery.  If you’re looking for quality meat in L.A., stop in!

After a lunch date at Urth Cafe in Santa Monica yesterday, I took a quick walk through the Santa Monica Community Garden.  I wish we had more places like this…

Lloyd’s been making many pizzas :).  All of the meat is made by Lloyd.  Potato and duck prosciutto was my favorite, although squash blossom was beautiful!